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Research-proven results:

Jolly Phonics helps children develop reading skills 11 months ahead of their age.

Effective method: 

Our program uses synthetic phonics, recognized as the best way to learn to read and write in English.

Rose Report:
"Synthetic Phonics offers the majority of children the best & most direct route to become skilled readers & writers"
Dr. Marlynne Grant Report:
"The Effects of a Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme on Reading, Writing and Spelling - Dyslexia does not develop when children begin with a good Synthetic Phonics & when slow-to-start children are given extra practice & teaching with synthetic phonics in order to keep up. Not a single child in the studies developed severe literacy difficulties"
Diane McGuinness research on how to teach reading?
"As per the Research Whole word approach or rote learning is the least effective method of teaching Reading & Writing, Excerpt from the research says 'There is a limit on human long term memory for memorizing abstract visual patterns paired with individual words. This is an ultimate limit present after years of intense memorization. Based on an earlier analysis of known writing systems, I put this limit as 2000-5000, remarkably close to Mair's estimate based on Chinese (Mcguiness 1997)"
With Over 25 Years of Research and Work, Jolly Phonics Is Now Used in Over 100 Countries Worldwide!
Our Immense Progress Has Been Studied In Numerous Research Projects, The Results Of Which Led To Phonics Becoming Central To The UK Curriculum.

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