Ms. Khushbu Porwal founded Phonics Essentials in the year 2012, with a vision to teach English using a multi-sensory, child-centered & scientific approach.

Our quest for an effective english reading program that has an easy, systematic & fun-filled approach led us to Jolly Phonics & Grammar, which is a comprehensive program for reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension & creative writing.

At Phonics Essentials, we provide Certified Training to Pre-School & Primary Teachers, conduct workshop for parents, and provide curriculum consultancy to schools. We also offer Phonics classes to kids in Preschool Years (ages 3-7 years) and English Grammar classes (7-10 years),

"Our Mission Is The Development of Children Into Proficient Avid Readers"


Ms. Khushbu Porwal
Founder & Director - Phonics Essentials
Years of Rich Experience
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Workshops Conducted
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Teachers/Parents Trained
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Ms. Khushbu is a passionate educator who has spent over two decades teaching Phonics and grammar to children, teachers, and parents in South East Asia. 

She also specializes in teaching Reading & Writing to children with Specific Learning Difficulties esp Dyslexia.

She strongly believes:

“All kids can read! However, reading is not a natural process and must be taught carefully”

An Early Childhood Educator and Jolly Learning (UK) Accredited Trainer, with a a rich and varied experience in teaching English/phonics education to teachers, parents, and SPED Teachers across South East Asia, esp. Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India.

She is considered to be the key contributor in teaching Systematic and synthetic Phonics in various schools in Singapore. During her initial years in teaching, she realized that most children, irrespective of urban or rural backgrounds, had difficulty in reading English which led to milestone delays in their academics.

Her quest for an effective reading program that has a simple, systematic & fun-filled approach for learning led to Jolly Phonics – a child-centered & multisensory reading & writing program for English literacy. Hence, she strongly believes that anyone, regardless of age or background, should be allowed to learn to read.

Educational Qualifications

  • B.Sc.
  • LLB
  • B.ED
  • ECCE
  • Certification Courses in Jolly Phonics & Grammar – UK
  • Advanced Diploma in Special Education from College Of Allied Educators – CAE Singapore
  • Trained in Orton Gillingham approach


Internationally Recognized Expert

Presented on “Teaching Phonics to Children with Special Needs” at a Global Organization event, impacting over 4,000 educators and parents from 30+ countries.

Dedicated Volunteer

Organized and led phonics training workshops for Reading Roots SG, a program fostering early literacy in English for children aged 4-6.

Empowering Therapists

Delivered training to over 40 speech and occupational therapists at a leading Speech Therapy and Learning Center in Malaysia.

Committed Community Trainer

Provided voluntary phonics training to both Reading Roots Singapore volunteers and student guardians at MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore).

Extensive School Training

Conducted numerous phonics training sessions for teachers in schools across Singapore and Indonesia.

Training Government Officials

Trained over 50 Education Officers from Jaipur’s Bodh Shiksha Samiti (Government of Rajasthan, India) and various NGOs across South Asia.

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